What Is Divine Will?

Divine Will is God’s true plan for our planet. This plan includes enough food, water, and resources for every single being that resides here. In order for this plan to manifest on Earth, enough people have to commit to being a conduit for Divine Will. That means living a life that is in alignment with a service-to-others mindset that honors the Truth that we are all One.

Unfortunately, many people and companies, including some of the most powerful, have chosen to operate with a service-to-self mindset. This means that profits and self-benefit have been a priority over taking care of humanity and our beautiful planet. As a result, God’s Divine Will has been hijacked and unable to manifest. This has caused much unnecessary turmoil, especially in developing countries. Turmoil we can choose to end together through the choices we each make every single day.

The Vitality Movement’s mission is to come together to remember the Truth that we are all One. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. And when we dedicate our lives to taking care of ourselves, our neighbors, and this planet, we can create miracles! One of us alone can’t change the world, but together…we will restore the Divine Blueprint, as God intended, for each and every being on this planet.

Would you like to join us? All it takes is a sincere heart and a willingness to make small choices and changes in your life so you can be a conduit for Divine Will. Together, we will do this!

Lauren & Lewcy
Facilitators of The Vitality Community

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