What Is Burnout? + The Signs/Symptoms Of It

Many of the women who are attracted to Vitality as a resource are at risk for burning out. This is because many of us are highly energetically sensitive/empathic and need more rest and relaxation than the average person (it just comes with the territory of being energetically sensitive). When we invest our energy into things that are not for our highest and greatest good, our energy lets us know by draining quickly. It’s our souls way of letting us know that we’re currently expending our energy in a way that is not for our highest and greatest good.

Burnout is when you are so exhausted mentally and physically, you’re unable to perform at the level that you used to. It’s super common among women who are considered the go-to person of their families and friends. This is because most go-to women want to help others more than anything. Unfortunately, this can lead to us taking on more than we can chew. This leads to being unable to perform at the levels we are used to and sometimes even crashing (this happened to me in March 2016–it was not fun!).

Some signs you’re burnt out include (but are not limited to):

  • Physical and emotional exhaustion (you can’t really do anything, even if you wanted to)
  • You have lost you’re zest for life/you don’t feel passionate about anything (even your life purpose or things that used to make you really happy)
  • Feeling like you’ve lost your sense of purpose (because nothing excites you anymore)
  • You would rather sleep than anything else
  • Things that never used to bother you easily get on your nerves now (you have a short fuse)
  • You’re exhausted all the time (this could also be adrenal fatigue, which I struggled with immensely the past few years as well)
  • Inability to concentrate/focus
  • Isolation (you don’t want to be around anyone because it’s so draining)
  • Poor productivity and performance (you aren’t able to create the same quality work as before)
  • Loss of a connection with your intuition (it’s hard to hear your own inner voice)

Please note that these symptoms tend to creep up over time. For instance, I started to feel burnt out on and off for two full years before I finally crashed. There were a lot of external circumstances that exacerbated my stress and promoted burnout (i.e. living in circumstances that really drained me, not having healthy boundaries, trying to take on too much, trying to be everything to everyone, moving across the country on short notice, etc.).

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In the meantime, it’s over to you…have you ever struggled with burnout? What were some of the signs you experienced before you fully burnt out?

2 thoughts on “What Is Burnout? + The Signs/Symptoms Of It”

  1. I realized I was in burn out mode, but for me it wasn’t being the go to person for others as much has it was that I was running around the house and work trying to get everything done that was expected of me and I wasn’t asking for help. I finally started to ask for help around the house and that has improved, but also I decided recently to take another position to get away from a boss that was micro-managing to the point that every little second was being accounted for and it was stressing me out to the point where I just wasn’t performing anymore. I am so much happier with myself! Also, the book “Dance with Anger” is a great book that I have started reading. I know that a lot of this is expectations that come from others and we have to learn to balance that out with our own desires. Thank you Lauren and I love all of your videos!

    1. Kudos to you for asking for help, Donde! It makes such a difference!! <3 I'm so happy you had the courage to get out of your current work position! You will be such an asset to your new job. Glad you are enjoying the book! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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