Weight Loss Quick Tip: Be Kind To Yourself When You “Backslide”

I tend to attract perfectionists and recovering perfectionists to me because that’s who I am. One of the hardest concepts for us perfectionists to adopt is being kind to ourselves when we have a weight loss backslide. I used to beat myself up endlessly whenever I wasn’t “perfect” on my weight loss plan. And you know where it always eventually led me? The pantry! I would have a “what’s the point?” attitude and eat to soothe myself and my guilt. Ironically, beating myself up caused me to gain even more weight…even though it was what I thought would make me stop.

One of the biggest shifts I finally made on my weight loss journey was learning from my backslides. I practically preach to my clients the value of shifting your mindset to see that there is no just thing as failure…just feedback (of your triggers, what doesn’t work for you, etc.). When I realized that “backsliding” on my weight loss plan didn’t make me a failure (it mades me human) and started to learn from it…that’s when I started to see real results. I realized that most of my biggest “backslides” were when I beat myself up for having a bad meal.

If you could cut out the “backslides” you fall into after beating yourself up…how much more successful do you think you’d be on your weight loss journey? 🙂 Food for thought!


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