Your Permission Slip… [on boundaries]

One of the things that I have realized is how important boundaries are when it comes to creating a life that makes you happy. The women I work with (myself included) struggle a lot with this. So I wanted to write you ladies a little reminder…I know I could use it from time to time.

It’s OK to say no…even if it means someone else’s feelings are hurt.
It’s OK to let go of people who hurt you (intentionally or unintentionally)…even if they don’t want you to.
It’s OK to transform.
It’s OK to put yourself first.
It’s OK to take some time off from something or someone.
It’s OK to change your mind.
It’s OK to cancel.
It’s OK to stop doing what doesn’t feel good…even if other people don’t want you to.
It’s OK to not answer that phone call (or e-mail or Facebook message).
It’s OK to release responsibility of other people’s reactions to your truth.

Basically…it’s OK to be you and honor yourself. Something told me I wasn’t the only one who needed to hear this today. I’d love you to drop a comment below if this resonated with you 🙂

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