Owning Your Spirituality

For the longest time…I was shy about my spirituality. A few years ago I was a die-hard science fan. Even though I believed in God/Higher Power because I could FEEL it…I was super confused about what I truly believed and rolled my eyes at anything even remotely “woo woo”. I can remember making fun of my roommate in college for reading The Secret and seeing an intuitive (ohhhh the irony, as I am now a teacher of manifesting and give intuitive readings for my clients on their soul purpose and what’s blocking them from losing weight-lol).

As I started directly connecting with my Divine Support System via automatic writing, I realized that there is a lot of things that science can’t necessarily explain just yet. Even though it made absolutely no logical sense..I was most definitely accessing amazing guidance and answers to questions I couldn’t possibly know the answers to. I learned to hold everything up to the light of my soul…regardless of what the “logical” answer may have seemed to be. But I was still petrified to “come out” to my clients..even though I knew in my heart..the only way to permanently lose weight is to connect with who you truly are on a soul level (Unconditional Love).

These past rounds of Losing Your First 10 Pounds and ESPECIALLY Mindset Makeover changed everything. My clients started telling me they LOVED the spirituality side of my teachings. The Universe started sending signs everywhere that it was time to incorporate my Love for spiritual philosophy and energy healing into Vitality. I’m not going to lie..it was sooo scary at first and I didn’t listen until I started getting sent messages every single day.

Once I finally did incorporate spirituality and energy healing into my sessions and classes, the results were sooo much more than I expected. I was able to be the mentor and healer I WISH I had on my journey. Do some people think I’m crazy? I’m sure of it. But who cares?! I’m helping people in a way that I couldn’t before because I wasn’t being 100% true to myself and my heart. I have learned that being true to ourselves (even when people disagree) is how we transform our corner of The Universe. The corner that our soul signed up to take care of prior to coming to Earth. You just gotta be you and attract the right people to you…and remember that there may have been a time that you would have rejected what you want to teach/step into like I did in college. Just because someone rejects you doesn’t mean they’re right 😉

I Love you…now promise me you’re gonna go take care of your corner. The Universe is counting on you 😉


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