On What Really Matters To Me When It Comes To Vitality

I have a lil confession to make…I don’t really care about whether or not my clients lose weight. YEP…it’s true. I’ve effectively used weight loss as my “in” to teach people what I’m really passionate about…connecting them with their soul so they can Love themselves unconditionally, gain confidence, and use that confidence to go after their life purpose. Weight loss just happens to be a great vehicle to get people doing all three of those. When my clients are FINALLY able to lose weight (often after decades of failing)…the sky is literally the limit for them. They get in touch with their true essence and remember that they can do ANYTHING. I Love watching this process…especially as the weight loss becomes automatic because they’re incorporating what their passionate about in their daily life. Watching them literally change the world around them by fully embodying their true essence is priceless. And it all starts with losing weight.

I am so grateful my soul chose to experience the painful part of my life filled with self-hate and weight gain. It led to the creation of Vitality…and gave me the privilege of teaching so many women to step into their authenticity and greatness. Regardless of the vehicle we choose…Love is the destination ♥ As Vitality goes through its rebrand, I’m looking forward to incorporating more life purpose material and content that reflects what I’m truly passionate about. Until then…I Love ya 😉

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