On The Lessons Teachers & Healers Learn On Their Journey

Our greatest goals…the ones that are going to change our lives and our teachings (and even the world)…are the ones that we are probably going to struggle with the most. This is how we gain our understanding of our teachings and our compassion as a teacher. Since we know exactly what our students are going through, we can lead them through it much more quickly and understand in a way that only someone who has been through it can.

There have been times in my life where losing and maintaining my weight has seemed effortless over the past five years. There have also been times where it has been really hard and I have struggled with it (like in 2011 where I began bingeing again and struggling with a negative mindset or when I put on/took off weight after each of my Reiki attunements). And now, I’ve been in an extremely humbling period of time where I’m doing everything “right” and I am holding onto weight like it’s my j-o-b (which is ironic, because it kinda is-lol!)!

Back in August, I wrote about how adding energy healing to my practice caused me to gain weight. I was doing everything the same health wise as I was before, but I put on like 10-15 pounds in June and July after introducing it into my coaching practice. I explained to you guys how I was learning not to “wear” other people’s energy as my own–physically or energetically (something that a lot of highly empathic/intuitive/sensitive women struggle with…whether they are energy healers or not).
But then an interesting thing happened…I took some time off of work in September and October and started really taking care of myself (something that was honestly a non-negotiable after how sensitive I got from the Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreat in July). Despite taking care of myself better than I ever have, I was still *gaining* weight (according to my pants-lol..I stay off the scale because of my past relationship with it). I was preparing all of my meals Lovingly at home (which admittedly, I wasn’t doing prior), walking my Lew for at least an hour and a half a day, meditating, tapping, and taking no more than 5 appointments a week (aka hardly working)…just to name some of my self-care routine.

I practiced what I preached and just kept doing what I was doing. I always tell you guys that if you’re participating in a healthy lifestyle, the weight is bound to come off…it’s just a matter of time. I was going along like a trooper…but was noticing that the weight was still hanging on. Then, in November, I decided to kick up my workout routine to see if it would make a difference. I started doing an hour of sweat creating cardio a day in addition to my walks I was already doing, which did a lot to ground me and inspired me to eat even better (I was still lovingly preparing all my meals for myself at home;). And what happened? (drumroll)……..I was and still am holding onto weight. lol.

Honestly, my authenticity value totally got triggered and I started feeling a bit embarrassed about my weight gain. Despite doing what was “right” and “healthy” and being one of the best examples I have ever been as far as practicing what I preach, I didn’t feel like much of a weight loss coach physically because I have gained weight. haha. But the truth is…when we struggle through this stuff, it transforms us into the teachers we were meant to be. Easy to intellectualize, harder to fully embody.

It’s important that I share with you (because the advertising industry does a terrible job of making you think otherwise) that weight loss ISN’T necessarily a straight shot!! Sure as hell wasn’t for me…and that’s because I’m meant to TEACH and I am human-lol. What kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t learn all these lessons/struggle at times during the past 5 years?I’d still believe that weight loss is all physical…about calories in and calories out. I wouldn’t have learned any of the spiritual, emotional, and mental lessons I know teach my clients that make such a difference in whether or not one can lose weight.

The bottom line is, embarking on your healing journey can result in weight fluctuations depending on your body. As you deal with intense emotions and energy being brought to the surface to be released, you may find it showing up on your body as a physical representation of the processing you are going through. You also may put on weight as a protection because you are so sensitive to the energy of those around you and you lack proper energetic boundaries. Intuitively and experientially from past healing cycles, I know that it’s temporary as we bravely move through the healing process.

Let’s be honest though, it can still be frustrating to be doing everything “right” and not seeing a result. That’s when faith comes in. You must have faith that your soul/God/The Universe is creating this learning experience and lesson in your life for a reason. It’s going to make you the teacher you are! <3

I have known in my bones for years that Vitality is meant to impact a lot people’s lives. It’s meant to help people understand that they aren’t broken or alone in their struggle with food, weight, and self-Love (all things I have experienced). It’s meant to give highly empathic women the hope that they can take back control of their life by learning to manage their sensitivity so they can transform it from a curse into a gift. It’s not a weight loss program…it’s a *healing* program…weight loss just happens to be a byproduct of healing. And I would have never learned any of that if weight loss was a straight shot for me.

The truth is, it’s NOT always a straight shot. Shit happens on this journey. Our body wants to hold onto weight. If I have learned anything, is that my body is going to change through the cycles of my life (especially the particularly healing ones)…it’s my job to learn how to Love her anyway. After all, we are so much more than our bodies!

This has been such an amazing and growing learning experience for me and I’m so honored to serve others in a way that I couldn’t before because of my experience :). Nothing has been lost and I wouldn’t change my weight loss journey for the world. It has empowered me to help people in a way that makes my heart soooo happy. I can’t believe I get to do this work for a living. Though the struggle is hard, helping others shift wayyy faster than I did makes it all worth it. THAT’S what being a teacher is about.
I’ll be writing more on what I have learned through this process and what my Divine Support System has told me about weight (it’s really, really fascinating). But I had to “out” myself. As teachers, it’s important for us to let our students know that the struggle is real…but it doesn’t have to be hard. Our job is to show up and be authentic in our processing.

I’ll keep you posted <3


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