On Speaking Your Truth

Our responsibility to ourselves and the world around us is to speak our truth. Regardless if it feels uncomfortable to be vulnerable…regardless if our truth doesn’t seem very popular to those around us…and regardless if we risk rejection. Since stepping into my truth with my work, I have realized more than ever that rejection is sooo incredibly worth it. I have found that it is much easier to get over rejection than it is to get over regret. Those “should haves” can be a real bitch…not to mention a total energy drain. It is so much easier to show up as ourselves, speak our truth, and be detached from who accepts and/or rejects it. If we are able to bravely show up and speak our truth consistently, we begin to attract to us “our people”–the people who will Love us for who we are and fully resonate with our truth. As a bonus, when we finally learn the soul lesson of speaking our truth…we stop attracting those who don’t resonate with that truth (or they stop bothering us if they still happen to be around).

The truth is that in time, we get over rejection…we may even eventually appreciate the lesson we received from the experience. The sting soothes after a bit and we go back to living our life. On the other hand, our regrets can haunt us for years…making us wonder “what if I…?” or “what would have happened if…?”. Living with rejection is much easier than living with regret…100x over.

So…I leave you with this question: is there anything you can move off your regret list right now by speaking your truth? Owning your spiritual side to your clients? Talking about how you feel with someone? Asking for what you know in your heart you deserve? Maybe if you try…you’ll end up moving that item to the “well, at least I can say I tried list” or the “Wow!! I’m so glad I took the risk” list. The result doesn’t matter as much as practicing speaking your truth..regardless of the outcome. That is what will truly change your life and what you attract into your experience. xoxox ~Lauren 

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