On Loving Yourself

What’s it matter if everyone likes you if you don’t like you? What if you made it your #1 priority to like yourself and the decisions you make? Some may say, “well…Lauren, that sounds pretty selfish!” I would have said the same a few years ago. The truth is, we’re conditioned to believe that it’s selfish to put our needs first and stuck-up to Love ourselves (or to Love ourselves…but not TOO much). We get so many mixed messages about being selfish or stuck-up in regards to honoring and Loving ourselves. The truth is, we must trust ourselves enough to get in alignment with who we Truly Are. From this space, we give in a way that empowers those around us (instead of enabling/disempowering them) and automatically honor ourselves and our own needs. Operating from this frequency is how you automatically transform your corner of The Universe. You quite literally change the world by being you (and become an excellent example of authenticity in the process) 😉



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