On Knowing My Life Purpose As A Child

It’s funny how your soul knows exactly what you signed up for this lifetime. I always tell my clients to start looking at what they wanted to do when they were a kid to figure out what they want to do now.

When I was 10, I had an online advice column (adorably named “Bug Me”) that I created on Expages. I think I lied and said I was like 13 or 14 to the people who sought me out. I used to sit on that computer after school and all weekend designing my webpage (I still have some HTML codes memorized to this day-lol) and giving advice to teenagers. haha. Also in 4th grade, I used to read books like “How To Find A Ghost” and was so curious about figuring out how to communicate with spirits. Instead of playing with dolls like normal girls my age, I used to create business plans and started my first babysitting business in 3rd grade (which is hilarious..because I was babysitting other people’s kids with my friend Keri for $1.50 an hour each..but was young enough to need a babysitter myself-LOL). I Love Little Lauren..she was so cute…little entrepreneur, coach, healer, and channel from day one 🙂 ♥ Doing some inner child play lately 🙂

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