On Keeping The Faith When Things Keep Getting Worse

Waiting for my car to be washed and vacuumed up so I can sell it today. Lew’s been gone nine months now and I still find his hair everywhere. Whenever we’d take car rides, he’d jump up into the rear view window-that was his favorite place to be.

I haven’t had the heart to vacuum out his hair from that spot-half because it reminds me of Lew and half because this past year was hands down, no contest the worst year of my life. Especially because Lew wasn’t there to get me through it like he had been all the other hard times. Honestly, losing Lew was just the start of a string of horrible things that happened to me that broke me open over and over again.

But no matter how bad it got—one thing I still knew for sure is that no matter what evil exists in the world, God can always correct it and make a silver lining out of it. So as things got progressively worse for me, I kept my faith in God’s plan for me—even when it seemed like my prayers weren’t being answered. Deep in my heart, I knew I couldn’t choose to believe everything happens for a reason just when the good stuff happens.

I see “everything happening for a reason” a bit differently after this past year. I now believe that sometimes, bad things happen. Things that are not God’s Divine Will—a kink in the Divine Blueprint so to speak. And this happens because God gives each of us free will and with that free will, some people choose to do awful things in service-to-self. And often it is the service-to-other types of people that have to pay the consequences of those service-to-self people’s actions.

But what I am learning more and more every single day is that God can always correct the wrongs that are made by those service-to-self people if you hold onto your faith. And even though my prayers weren’t immediately answered, when they finally were, what was delivered was wayyyyyy more than I could have ever dreamt of asking for. And none of it could have happened if I hadn’t had the experiences I did this past year. I literally would not be able to do my life’s work without those experiences. And now that God has finally started to show me visions of that work, I know with certainty I’d experience the worst year of my life a million more times to do it. But I would have never gotten to that point if I didn’t keep the faith up when there was no reason to have any.

Just a reminder that no matter what terrible things are happening to you today—you have to keep going. You never know how God will correct your Divine Blueprint. In the coming months, I can’t wait to show you the corrections God made to mine 


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