On Failing On Your Weight Loss Plans

**Q** How do I start a weight loss plan when I have failed a MILLION times and have ZERO confidence in my ability to lose weight?
Doing some free writing with weight loss tips in September to get me in right-brain mode and to prepare for the next LYF10P launch 🙂 I’ll be posting them here 🙂

**A** I don’t know about you, but I literally failed on my weight loss plan more times than I could count prior to finally being successful. I would create an intricate plan of eating 1200-1400 calories and working out every day for an hour or more, promise myself I’d be “perfect”, and set my start date for Monday (or the first of the month-;). 

…and every time, like clockwork…Monday would come around, I would fall “off-track” by the evening (aka give into the voice inside my head that told me that I wasn’t allowed to eat x, y, or z), binge, feel like a total loser with no willpower or self-control, binge some more, sulk, and binge some more (what was the point anyway?…I was never going to be successful anyway). Then, I’d wake up in the morning with a total food hangover and promise myself I’d get back on track “next Monday”…sound familiar? It’s the story of almost every women I’ve worked with over the past four years.

So…what set me up for success this last time around? Are you ready for this? NOT having an intricate plan. Seriously. My ego was so bruised from failing so many times, I couldn’t bring myself to create yet ANOTHER intricate plan that I wasn’t going to follow. I just set the intention to lose weight and started writing (blogging) about it.

As I felt more comfortable on my free healthy living community (SparkPeople), I began to open up more and more. I blogged about my past failures, how hurt I felt by all the people who had a strong opinion about my weight gain, and I tried to find what worked for ME (instead of making myself wrong when I “failed” at the crazy weight loss plans that have a 95% fail rate). Surprisingly…without being perfect, the weight started to come off. Unknowingly, I was releasing the heavy emotional weight around being a weight loss failure and my physical body was beginning to reflect that (you can do this informal reflection work privately in a journal or in a safe public forum where you can be cheered on by others).

It wasn’t until I surrendered having to be perfect and the need for a rigid plan that I was successful on my weight loss journey. Later on (I’ll write more on this another time), I created a more formal plan…but only after I gained confidence in myself and my ability to lose weight. 

The bottom line? You do NOT need a crazy intricate plan to be successful on your weight loss plan like the dieting industry tells you. In fact, in the beginning..you need to practice surrendering having a plan so you can practice trusting yourself to make the right decisions (trust me if you don’t trust yourself just yet, it happens with time). 

If you are interested in learning more about how to do this, send me a private message…we have another round of the Losing Your First 10 Pounds course coming up in October and I’d Love to take you through Vitality’s process 🙂


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