On Conditional Love

If someone makes you feel bad because you aren’t (pretty, thin, smart, etc.) enough…you can sarcastically apologize for not measuring up to their standards. You must have missed the memo that it’s your job to internalize the conditions in which they Love themselves 😉

Bottom line, the more conditions people make you feel like you have to live up to in order to be “enough”…the less they Love themselves. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be making you feel that way. Truly confident people accept others as they are and don’t make people feel like they have to change in order to be lovable. They inspire you to be your best self by appreciating what’s great about you now..not by pointing out all your perceived “flaws”. Put a safe emotional distance between yourself and anyone who makes you feel “not good enough” while you are learning to Love yourself unconditionally. Makes it so much easier to learn to do so in my experience 🙂 Xoxox

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