On Being Drawn To What Heals Us

We are magnetically pulled and drawn to the exact people, circumstances, and behaviors that will aid in our healing and soul growth. Although we can heal through joy, often our default tendency is to heal through painful experiences. Pain gets us emphatically saying “Enough! I will no longer tolerate __ in my life”…and so it is. From that point forward (if we’ve truly fully learned the lesson), we refuse to tolerate a specific experience in our lives and thus stop attracting it to us.

Often we don’t realize this though and keep attracting the SAME experience over and over again (i.e. people who “walk all over us”, even more weight gain, a boss that doesn’t respect our time, etc.). We can learn to avoid these painful experiences by asking ourselves what our soul is trying to get us to learn and heal. The people who “walk all over us” turn into an opportunity to learn how to set boundaries and honor ourselves. Our weight gain turns into an opportunity to get into alignment with who we truly are (Unconditional Love) and accept ourselves NOW (not 50 pounds from now). And so on.

When you take stock of the painful situations in your life in this way, you give yourself an opportunity to grow before the lessons get too painful and eventually avoid many of the painful lessons all together by listening to the whispers of your intuition before they become shouts…pretty great, right? 😉

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