On Becoming More Confident

The core root of authentic confidence is truly knowing who you are. It isn’t about feeling like you’re the “best” or “better” than anyone else. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s about owning the fact that you aren’t perfect (and that’s OK)..and knowing in your bones that anyone who tries to make you feel less than because you aren’t perfect or “flawed” is just projecting the conditions in which they love themselves onto you. It really isn’t personal. It just feels personal when those projections mirror your own insecurities. The more you know who you are (and who you are not)…the less that stuff will bother you. You can also master confidence in one area (i.e. your faith, your work ethic, your smarts, etc.) and have weak confidence in another (i.e. dating, making friends, your physical appearance, etc.)..this is normal! You may have more confidence in certain areas on some days vs. others. It’s all part of this roller coaster called life..so just roll with it, bebe. And make the effort to love yourself (and others) a little bit more every single day.

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