Losing Your First 10 Pounds 2.0 Launch

Getting ready for the next round of Losing Your First 10 Pounds!! This will be the first time I’m going to be running it live while fully embracing the spiritual side of weight loss/Vitality. I’m not gonna lie, I was sooo scared to do this a year ago. I was told for years by so many resources not to get “too spiritual” because I’d freak people out. And quite honestly, it was some of the worst business advice I have ever gotten. LOL.

The truth is…when I fully stepped into my authentic self, I was able to FINALLY teach in the way that lit me up. Instead of freaking people out, I received a sigh of relief from all of the women I came across and was meant to help. Deep down, they all knew that some diet isn’t going to work long-term. Deep down they also knew that in order to create permanent weight loss results..you have to create a lifestyle change. 

In my opinion, you cannot lose weight and keep it off without connecting with your soul and life purpose (even if it’s unconsciously). Excess weight isn’t just a result of you having “no willpower”–it’s a symptom of a much bigger problem. Until you address the bigger problem, you aren’t going to create permanent weight loss results. You will always feel like you have to work so hard to keep the weight off. Vitality heals the cause, not just the symptom (weight gain). And I couldn’t do that as effectively if I didn’t bring on the woo..and I’m SO glad I had the courage to FINALLY do just that.

Bottom line..teach what lights you up…that’s what people will be attracted to!! Will some people think you are crazy? Of course! But who cares!? You cannot make their opinion more important than YOUR people that YOU are meant to help. Will ya promise me? ♥


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