How To Connect With Your Intuition: Vitality’s Next 5-Day Challenge Sign-Up

I am so excited to announce the first Vitality Challenge since 2013! This free challenge will be on how to connect with your intuition. If you’ve participated in my challenges in the past, you know my goal is to change your mindset around a specific area so you can achieve your goals. You better bet this challenge is going to do the same around connecting with your intuition!

Here’s what we will be covering over the 5 days:

Day 1: Connecting With Your Body
Day 2: Creating Healthy Boundaries
Day 3: Being Your Own Authority
Day 4: Embracing Your Unique Intuitive Type
Day 5: Creating An Intuition Practice

We’ll be meeting in a pop-up Facebook group to cheer each other on for the duration of the challenge (October 17-21st). I’m so excited to get all my ladies together again 🙂 Sign up for the challenge here!

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