My Huffington Post Debut: 3 Boundaries Every Go-To Woman Needs In Their Life + My Blocks Around It

Exciting news in Vitality land! For those of you that keep up with me on Facebook, on Thursday I announced that I had my Huffington Post debut! My first article is called “3 Boundaries Every Go-To Woman Needs In Their Life”. I would love for you to share and like it on Facebook and Twitter from the article! It makes it more likely it’ll be featured on social media and on the site. This will help other women find Vitality…which I’m really excited about!!

I wanted to share with you a really funny block I had during this process. I know the women that are attracted to me will be able to relate to this, especially if you have your own business. I honestly had very low expectations for the article. I figured I’d just worry about getting into The Huffington Post for my first article and write a higher quality article after that. So, I wrote it on something that people regularly come to me for and finished it in about an hour. When I posted it, I figured a few of my friends, clients, and family members would share it.

I was pleasantly surprised that it actually ended up being pretty popular (it had over 200 likes and 200 shares in the first 24 hours-woohoo!). When people started thanking me for the article, I noticed some resistance surfacing. The block that came up was, “I didn’t work hard to write it, so it must not be that good”. Wow!! The idea that, because I had written it in an hour, it must not be helpful. How interesting!

I really wanted to shed light on this, because a lot of the women I work with’s greatest gifts come easily. Because we have a belief that we must work hard in order to create anything of value, we have a hard time feeling like our work is as valuable as it actually is. Even if people are telling us it is! The truth is, I have spent hundreds of hours coaching women around boundaries. The reason why I was able to write that article so quickly was because I know the topic very well. Just because I don’t have to work hard to teach it anymore doesn’t mean that my teaching is less effective. In fact, I’m a more effective teacher now because it’s no longer hard! Please keep this in mind when it comes to what you put out into the world. It doesn’t have to be really difficult to create in order to be effective! Give yourself credit today for the hard work you’ve done up until this point that makes your work easier! You deserve it!

Moral of the story? Get your work out there!! It doesn’t have to be your best work in order to be helpful to others. Don’t get caught up in perfectionism. The world needs what you have now…not after you have perfected it.

I love you all…please don’t forget to like and share the article <3 I’d really appreciate it!

Lauren Wardell

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