How To Start Your Day Right & Set Yourself Up For Success

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? If you’re anything like I used to be (and admittedly, sometimes still do), you may reach for your phone to check your notifications or start to think about all the things you have to DO today.

If you start your day like this, it can get you in a real mental place that creates a bit of stress in your life. Your subconscious is really sensitive after waking up from your sleep state, and this stress sets the tone for what you attract to you during your whole entire day. It’s why when you wake up and stub your toe and start the day on a bad note…your whole day often turns to crap too. lol. So let’s use this to our benefit, shall we?

You can do this by starting your day emphasizing your most important goal for just 5 minutes (or less). Trust me, this makes such a difference compared to starting the day thinking about all I have to do or checking my phone for what I missed while I was sleeping.

Though it is simple (you’re going to notice a lot of the tips I give you are simple…because simple works), it seriously works wonders to get you in a calm and receptive state for manifesting. You are literally saying to The Universe, “THIS is the most important thing in my life…bring me all the ingredients I need to manifest it into reality.”

Not only that, but when you start to put focused intention on one area…you get MORE of what you are focusing on. What do you want more of? Time for self-care? Time to read personal or spiritual development books? Time to work out? Start committing to do it for just five minutes first thing in the morning (who doesn’t have 5 minutes)? Make it nonnegotiable! I guarantee you will start to create more time for that very thing if you do this simple tip daily.

Just in case you’re curious about what I do first thing in the morning (most days)…I do a sacred grounding meditation. Right now, I’m really focusing on creating better energetic boundaries so I’m not taking on other people’s energy as my own. By doing a 5 minute sacred grounding meditation first thing when I wake up, I’m setting the intention to stay grounded in my own energy and making it a priority in my life. As a result, I’ve gotten WAY better at not absorbing other people’s “stuff” and taking it on as my own. It’s been sooo nice! And it truly just takes 5 minutes a day!

What are you trying to create more of in your life? Or what new habit are you trying to create? Leave a comment and let me know…I’d Love to hear from you!


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2 thoughts on “How To Start Your Day Right & Set Yourself Up For Success”

  1. Honestly, I have always got such inspiration but falling your advice! You have helped me come a long ways since i started Spark People almost 5 years ago! I have to admit, I am still focused on getting everything done in one day, and I know that may mean perfection, but for me it’s just my mind racing a 100 miles an hour when it needs to calm down and do a little bit of focusing on what is really important! So, I decided for Christmas this year, I am not going to decorate the inside of my house to the point where I can’t see my entertainment center or my coffee table. I am just going to put up my tree and a few other decorations and be content with that! We will see how it goes! Thanks again! You are truly a blessing Lauren!
    God Bless,


      Aww Donde, thanks for this comment 🙂 You are so sweet and such a blessing to this world too!! Sending tons of positive vibes your way to get it all done! You’ve got this!!

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