How To Create Time For Anything (4 Tips)

Do you ever find yourself saying that you’re going to get started on your goals at some perfect time (that unfortunately never comes)? Are you everyone’s go-to person that rarely has the time required to create what you want in your life? If so, I think you’ll enjoy these 4 tips that will help you create time for anything!

Tip #1: Eliminate your all-or-nothing mentality – If you’re anything like my Vitality ladies, you sometimes fantasize about some perfect time when you’ll have all the time in the world to work on your desires. Whether it be when the kids get into school full-time, after a major work project, or when you have more money, we all have excuses as to why we can’t start working on our goals now.

The problem with this mentality, as I’m sure you have experienced, is that there is no “perfect” time to start on the goals of your soul. Life will always get in the way of you creating what you want in your life unless you start making time for you desires now. When you eliminate the all-or-nothing mentality, you will finally start to make progress and build momentum. Results may not come as quickly as you fantasize they would if you were to wait for the “perfect time”, but they will come. Try not to get caught up in finding the “perfect” time and start taking baby steps toward your dream now.

Tip #2: Start with just 5 minutes a day – I know what you’re thinking… “Lauren, what is five minutes going to do?” Well, over time…a lot more than zero minutes! The point of working for five minutes each day isn’t necessarily to make a ton of progress, it’s to build momentum and train your subconscious to create more time for your goals. When you are making time for your goals (even just five minutes), it lets The Universe know that you want to create more time for what you are focusing on. Think of the daily energy investment of five minutes as calling out to your Divine Support System to assist you with your goals. You’ll be amazed at the momentum that is built and the synchronicities that begin to occur after a few weeks!

Tip #3: Do the work first thing in the morning – When you work on your most important goal first thing in the morning, you are telling The Universe what is most important to you. Also, it makes sure that it actually gets done. I can’t tell you how many times I have skipped working on what was most important to me because I got swept up in the day. By the time night comes, you just don’t have the energy to work on your desires. Avoid that by working on what you are trying to create first thing in the morning.

Tip #4: Increase the time spent on your goal by just 1 minute every single week – After you’ve started to build momentum with the five minutes, increase how much time you spend on your goal by one minute each week. So on week two, you’ll work on your goal for at least six minutes, week three seven minutes, and so on and so fourth. Obviously, it isn’t hard to add just one more minute, and over time…that one minute adds up! You’ll also start to see the fruits of your labor pay off, which will be very motivating. It also creates the momentum required to get more comfortable saying “no” to other requests of your time so you can say “yes” to yourself and your desires.

I hope you received some insights on how to create time for anything. I would love it if you’d share in the comments below what you’re trying to create in your life so the Vitality community can cheer you on <3


7 thoughts on “How To Create Time For Anything (4 Tips)”

  1. Robyn Accetturo

    Thank you, Lauren! Great way to start our day and work toward fulfilling our dreams! My dream, since I worked with abused and neglected children with AIDS, was to write my first book about my 22 month journey with a boy who was dying of AIDS while his mom was sill physically abusing him. Took 5 years to write it, several years to get it published, and I made a pact with God, that if I had the courage to write our story and get it published, God had to help me market it and turn it into God’s movie. So much spirituality and answered prayers to keep my buddy safe. Very powerful spiritual story shows power of LOVE to change hearts to love and know God. My book was published in 2003
    It’s a timeless true story that has the potential to teach what we need to make this shift in our spiritual lives. I’m working on it…been a lonely road. Support would be lovely. Thanks for listening. <3


      Your story is so inspiring, Robyn! What a true Earth Angel you are!! What was the title of the book so the people who are reading the comments can pick it up? <3

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