How To Discover + Eliminate What Is Draining Your Energy Teleclass

I hope you are having an amazing week 🙂 I wanted to create a blog to let you know of an opportunity to work with me. I am teaching a class tomorrow called, “How to Discover + Eliminate What Is Draining Your Energy” and would love to have you.

To say I was exhausted last year is an understatement. It felt like no matter how much I “took care of myself”, my energy was draining faster than ever before. It caused me to rely on caffeine, which obviously wasn’t ideal and far from a permanent solution to my energy problems. While I didn’t want to have to rely on caffeine, I felt like consuming it was all I could do to keep me going. Eventually, I crashed and was in a really bad space emotionally and physically. It seemed like no matter what I did with my diet and exercise, nothing worked! I was so frustrated and started to lose hope that I’d ever get back to “normal” (I had felt increasingly worse over a period of two and a half years).

When I started to look at the subconscious and energetic causes of my energy draining, I found the solution! Not only am I about to be three months caffeine-free, but I feel more energized than I have in years. I want to help as many people as possible create similar results in their lives. Would you like me to help you? Read the description below and sign up for the last spot in class if you do 🙂 If you can’t make it live, a recording will be sent out for you to listen to. A workbook will also be included to help you process the class material.

Class Description: Do you regularly feel drained, no matter how much you rest and participate in self-care? Are you the go-to person for your friends and family, finding yourself taking on other people’s problems and emotions? During this energetic management class for empaths, I will teach you how to discover what is draining your energy and the steps you can take to eliminate it. You’ll also leave class with practical steps to take to create more energy in your life. A recording of class will be included for your records.

Talk to you soon 🙂
Lauren Wardell

P.S. You can sign-up here to take the last spot in my “How To Discover + Eliminate What Is Draining Your Energy” teleclass..can’t wait to see you in class 🙂

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