Vitality’s Declaration Of Intent To Align With Divine Will

Purpose: To release you of all energy that is not serving your highest and greatest good, to call in your Divine Support System for assistance/support for the day, to align you with your Divine Self, and to download/upgrade your Divine Blueprint. Over time, stating this declaration will retrain your subconscious mind. This will turn you into a conduit for Divine Will and commands that your energetic contribution to The Universe is for the highest and greatest good of Humanity. How amazing!

If you’re interested in creating your own Declaration of Intent to align with Divine Will, please remix it—add or subtract things, change words, etc. so your Declaration fully resonates with your soul. For instance, you may want to say “The Universe” instead of “God” or add in a specific religious figure or passed on Loved One. Making these intuitive changes is wonderful and highly recommended! You want to say this from a full-bodied place of power, as that will create the most shifts in your life and in the world.

I recommend you state your Declaration of Intent to Align With Divine Will as soon as you get up as an automatic habit. Alternatively, you can say it right before bed (or both in the morning and at night—that’ll create some really amazing results!). These times are when your subconscious is the most malleable.

Below is a sample of a Declaration Of Intent To Align With Divine Will. Please remember to remix it and make it your own 🙂

This is my declaration of intent to align with the Divine Will for my life.

In this moment, I call on God, The Angels, Vitality’s Higher Council, my Divine Support System, my Ancestors, & my Higher Self to be here with me NOW.

North, South, East, West—from all corners of The Universe, I call back my personal Vitality—my soul, my energy, my consciousness.

Let it be known that it is my intention to serve God, The Law of Love, & The Divine Plan for ALL to Return to Love. God, please, help me help you today.

I ask for an energetic recalibration from my Divine Support System and my Masters, Teachers, & Loved Ones to align all parts of me in past, present, and future timelines to my soul and this intention. God, please send me all of the necessary connections, resources, and abundance I need to fulfill your Divine Will today.

I demand and command my energetic contribution to The Universe is in alignment with Divine Will. Let it be known that I revoke consent for anything but Divine Will to manifest in my life. I AM DIVINE WILL. I ask that any and all energy that is not in alignment with this intention be released, with ease and grace, to Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father NOW. I ask that any associated subconscious contracts, vows, oaths, decrees, etc. are released and transmuted NOW. I declare and command the cancellation of these contracts as irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities here and now.

On this day, I claim my right to be a sovereign being, in service of God and the Law of Love.

Lastly, I request an upgrade of my Akashic Records and Divine Blueprint, requesting ease and grace in the implementation of God’s Will for my life. 

I thank all of the beings that assisted me today for their Divine Intervention. From the bottom of my heart, I decree I will be the LIGHT and I will be the LOVE to all those I come in contact with today. I promise to honor myself on a soul level and therefore, honor everyone else around me. For by honoring my soul, I am automatically honoring the souls of all, for we are all ONE, in the Light of Love.


That’s it! I’m so excited to see what you create in your life by following this process. I suggest sticking to it for a period of 3 weeks! This is the amount of time it takes to train your subconscious to align with Divine Will. By that time, you’re going to want to do it every single day! My friends, family, and clients who have practiced it have experienced so many good things coming into their life as a result. 

If you feel inspired by this Declaration, please share it with your loved ones! My Divine Support System shows me if 1,000,000 people are aligning to Divine Will on the planet, we can change the world! The good news is—we’re not the only ones trying to align with Divine Will! There’s many other teachers that are teaching this, so 1,000,000 people is not a long shot! Let’s do this!

If you have any great stories about your success when it comes to Aligning With Divine Will, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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