Day 5 Of The Vitality Challenge: Creating An Intuition Practice

Can you believe it is the last day of our challenge!? I have enjoyed getting to know each of you in our Facebook group soooo much! Thank you for sharing your energy with the group. It means the world to me!

If you’re behind at all…don’t worry! Remember, you can be your own authority and do them in your own time. What is most important is that you actually do them! So pencil some time in your calendar to get the prompts done 🙂 I promise, it will be so worth it!

This last day is on the importance of making time for your goal of increasing your intuition every single day. The Universe rewards intention and action. If you want to see yourself shift in any area of your life, you must commit to focusing on it every single day (even if it’s just for five minutes). I love working on my intuition right when I wake up in the morning. It gets it out of the way and I find that I am the clearest then. It also tells The Universe that it’s the very important to you (and that’s why it’s the first thing you do that day).

Some intuitive practices you can try include: journaling (practice asking your higher self answers to questions you have), meditating (ask yourself a question and then get quiet while you focus on receiving the answer), playing with angel cards (this was how I started), doing yoga (this will get you connected to your body), and reading books on connecting with intuition.

Are you ready to go deeper? I will be teaching a 90-minute class called “How To Connect With Your Soul + Divine Support System”! In it, I’ll be covering:

  • How to connect with your higher self/Divine Support System
  • How to clear your energy of other people’s energy so you can more accurately hear your intuition and Divine Support System
  • What to include in your daily ritual that will help you grow your intuition and ability to communicate with your guides more quickly

We’d love to have you! The best part? The investment for this class is only $25 or FREE if you sign up for a 75-minute session with me (where I’ll help you 1:1 to connect with your intuition and access your own answers).

Sign up here for class or here for the 1:1 session (with the free bonus class included). The class will be next Thursday, October 27th at 5 PM Pacific (7 PM Central). It will be recorded if you can’t make it live!

Journaling Prompt #5

Feel free to pick and choose which questions you answer in the prompt below.

What has been your biggest a-ha from this challenge? What did you learn about yourself? How are you going to show The Universe you are serious about connecting with your intuition? When are you going to work on your intuition (i.e. what time of day, how much time a week, etc.)? What intuitive practices are you going to try? Are you going to join us for class? Let us know 🙂

Watch the Facebook Live I did on this topic here:

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