Day 4 Of The Vitality Challenge: Embracing Your Unique Intuitive Type

Welcome to day 4 of your Vitality Challenge! Today we are going to discuss the importance of embracing your unique intuition type. The more you embrace your unique type, the more you enhance all types of intuition.

To get us started, here are the four most common types of intuition:

  • clairsentience – when you receive intuitive information through your feelings
  • claircognizance – when you receive intuitive information through your thoughts/you just have a knowing
  • clairvoyance – when you receive intuitive information through your sight/you see colors, objects, spirits, visions, etc.
  • clairaudience – when you receive intuitive information through your hearing/you receive messages as if someone’s talking to you

One easy way to know your primary way you receive intuitive information is to read your personal journal or listen to yourself when you casually talk. Search for which phrases come up the most when you are talking about your experiences:

…if you write “I feel” the most frequently, you are probably primarily clairsentient

…if you write “I know” the most frequently, you are probably primarily claircognizant

…if you write “I see” the most frequently, you are probably primarily clairvoyant

…(and the least common) if you write “I hear” the most frequently, you are probably clairaudient

If you want to get stronger in any of these specific areas, first develop and own your primary clair. For insatance, let’s say you really want to see visions, but you’re primarily clairsentient. First, work on fully owning your ability to access your intuition through your feelings. Over time, your clairvoyance will naturally develop as well.

For example, I am primarily clairsentient because I am constantly receiving messages through my feelings and intuitively read energy very easily that way. My secondary clair is claircognizance because I also very commonly know things without any explanation of how (believe it or not, this is a form of intuition). Most of the women who are attracted to Vitality have a tendency to lean towards being empathic/clairsentient because that is what I am (so that is what I attract). For the record, clairsentient is the most common form of intuition.

So let’s figure out what your primary clair is, shall we!?

Journaling Prompt #4

Feel free to pick and choose which questions you answer in the prompt below.

What clues do your writing/talking give when it comes to what your primary form of intuition is? Do you tend to write “I feel”, “I see”, “I know”, or “I hear”? Have you ever looked at your feelings or thoughts as forms of intuition? Looking back on your life, do you think you’ve overrode some of your thoughts/feelings without realizing they were a form of intuition? How can you embrace your primary clair more? What is your secondary clair? How can you embrace your secondary clair more? How do you think your life would change if you fully embraced your primary and secondary clairs? 

Watch the Facebook Live I did on this topic here:

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