Day 2 Of The Vitality Challenge: Creating Healthy Boundaries

Welcome to day 2 of your Vitality Challenge! Today, we’re going to be covering the importance of healthy boundaries when it comes to connecting with your intuition.

Healthy boundaries are deeply personal and separate your needs from other people’s. As empaths who so easily anticipate the needs of others, many of the women I work with have a tendency to put everyone’s needs before their own. They intuitively know what other people need, so they automatically give it to them. This keeps the peace, which is especially important to empaths who have a tendency to feel so deeply. When other people are happy, we are happy because we are so impacted by how other people feel. 

Prior to realizing that I was using my intuition to read what those around me needed, I felt like I did everything for everyone and nobody ever was there for me. Does this sound familiar to you? It turns out, most people can’t anticipate the needs of others like we can! This is often a trait we develop in childhood when we live in environments that aren’t predictable (i.e. we have moody parents and we need to read their energy in order to know how they’d like us show up that particular day).

Unfortunately, constantly “reading” people’s energy (even strangers!) causes us to have very poor energetic and personal boundaries (we take responsibility for stuff that isn’t ours). As a result, everyone’s energy is constantly blurring into ours. This causes us to be unable to discern what is our energy and what is other people’s. Can you imagine what an impact this has on our ability to hear our own intuitive voice!? It’s the equivalent of trying to think in an extremely crowded train station…it’s not easy!

So let’s journal on the role that healthy boundaries have on our ability to hear our own intuitive voice, shall we?

Journaling Prompt #2

Feel free to pick and choose which questions you answer in the prompt below.

Do you relate to being the person that easily anticipates other people’s needs (i.e. taking care of things for them without them even asking)? How do you think that impacts your energetic boundaries? Do you think you could be taking responsibility for other people’s energy unconsciously? Do you find yourself feeling like you are carrying energy for other people? What impact do you think that has on your own intuition and ability to hear yourself? How would your life be different if you were clear of everyone else’s energy and could easily discern what is yours versus what is their’s? What are you going to do to create healthier boundaries in your life? How do you think that will impact your intuitive abilities?

Watch the Facebook Live I did on this topic below:

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