Day 1 Of The Vitality Challenge: Connecting With Your Body

Welcome to day 1 of this round of the 5-day Vitality challenge! Today we’ll be covering the importance of connecting with your body in order to connect with your intuition.

Many of the women that are attracted to Vitality are empaths, or women who receive intuitive information through their feelings. This can also mean that they pick on other people’s energy (including their emotions). When we are disconnected from our bodies, we are less likely to realize that other people’s energy is leaking into our energy field (we’ll talk about this more tomorrow). This can make it extremely difficult to hear our own intuition. Because of this, it is crucial that we learn to connect with our bodies so we can discern whether or not what we are feeling is our’s or someone else’s.

When we are fully connected to our bodies, we’re able to recognize the feelings we get as intuitive information. Instead of judging our anxiety as “bad”, we can use it as a sign that our bodies are trying to tell us something. For instance, you may find you get anxiety whenever you are on your way to work. This could be your body physically telling you that you subconsciously don’t feel appreciated at work and something needs to shift. Or maybe whenever you talk to a certain co-worker, you feel extremely tired afterward. This could be your body telling you that this person is draining your energy and that you need to set healthier boundaries with them (more on this tomorrow).

The point is to befriend your body and the feelings it is sending you and to get curious (instead of making yourself wrong for them). What is your body trying to tell you through its feedback? The more connected you are with your body, the more certain you will be when it comes to what intuitive messages it is trying to send you. What a great tool the body is!

Journaling Prompt #1 

Feel free to pick and choose which questions you answer in the prompt below.

What is your current relationship with your body? How connected do you currently feel to its messages? Have you ever looked at your body’s sensations and feelings as intuitive information? How do you think your life would change if you did? How is your body currently feeling? What do you think it may be trying to tell you today?

Watch the Facebook Live I did on this topic below:

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