3 Ways To Reconnect With Your Body

As I wrote about in my last article on how to tell if you are disconnected from your body, most empaths are somewhat disconnected from their bodies. We usually train ourselves to disconnect from our bodies at a very young age due to being overly stimulated by the energies around us. As children, we have very little control over our external environments. Often when our environment is chaotic for whatever reason, disconnecting from our bodies becomes something we do to protect ourselves. As adults, it’s important for us to get back into our bodies once we have gained control of our environment. Here are three ways to start reconnecting with your body:

Way #1: Ask her questions – Depending on where you are at on your healing journey, you may think talking to your body feels kind of cheesy (I know I used to). But by talking to your body, you are letting her know you care. Our body is constantly sending us messages through our feelings. When we are disconnected from it, we lose touch with what those feelings are. This leads to the body manifesting physical illness to get our attention. By asking your body questions (i.e. “what would you like to eat today?”, “what type of movement would you like to participate in?”, “do you have enough energy to go out tonight?”), you are letting her know that you are willing to listen. This reopens the line of communication that has been shut down after years of not listening. Even if you don’t intuitively hear answers immediately, know that the answers will come in time as the channel reopens. The answers may come as a feeling (i.e. heaviness or anxiety may mean your body is saying “no”) or a knowing (i.e. the thought that your body needs gentle yoga today, instead of the vinyasa class you had planned). By even making the slightest effort to talk to your body, you’ll notice her beginning to respond.

Way #2: Write a forgiveness/love letter to her – In my opinion, this is one of the most healing exercises you can do to reconnect with your body. So often, we have spent the majority of our lives making our body wrong. Wrong for the way it looks, wrong for the way it moves, or wrong for how it performs. It’s no surprise we feel extremely disconnected from it! Could you imagine if you treated your friends like you treated your body!? Your friends probably would shut down around you, am I right? The same goes for your body! Spend time writing a letter apologizing for being so mean to your body and forgiving her for “failing” you. Then, look for the lessons those “failures” had in your life. You can finish off the letter by recognizing all the things you are grateful that she does (even the most simple things that you may be taking for granted).

Way #3: Go inward and move – About a year ago, I started taking yoga classes once a day at an amazing studio by my house. One of the major things that the studio teaches is the importance of going inward during your practice (the studio doesn’t have mirrors to support this goal, which I love). This has completely changed the relationship I have with my body! Close your eyes and really focus on going into your body while moving. This movement can take the form of yoga, dance, or whatever feels great to you. There are no rules here! Don’t be discouraged if this is difficult at first, especially if you have a tendency to be in your head a lot. I know I really struggled with this.

Just a little side note…after you’ve gone inward and spent time moving, you will be grounded. This is a great time to ask your body questions, as you will be the most in touch with her. I didn’t try to get grounded regularly until a year and a half ago…and I swear, it completely changed my relationship with my body. I know it’ll do the same for you!

I hope this article gave you some ideas when it comes to reconnecting with your body. Now, over to you…do you feel disconnected to your body? If so, which tip are you going to try to reconnect with her? I’d love to here from you in the comments below 🙂

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