3 Unexpected Reasons Empaths Gain Weight

I tend to attract highly energetic sensitive women/empaths to Vitality. These women have a tendency to put on weight, even if their diets are healthy and they are routinely working out. I experienced this myself and wanted to share with you what I learned while gaining (and now losing) the weight associated with these reasons. Here are three reasons that aren’t associated with excessive caloric intake that can cause empaths to gain weight:

Reason #1 – Stress from their sensitivity.  Empaths are more susceptible to stress than their non-empathic counterparts. This is because our nervous systems are very sensitive compared to the average person. As empaths, we can physically feel other people’s emotional energy as if it were our own. Unfortunately, this includes their pain and other not-so-great emotions. Often, it creates the same stress in our bodies as it would if the negative emotions were our own. Our stress is also increased if we feel disempowered and like we don’t know how to manage our energetic sensitivity. Stress releases hormones that trigger our bodies to store weight (especially around the belly), which is often why many empaths are overweight.

Reason #2 – They take excessive responsibility for others. Because empaths are so intuitively aware of the needs of others, it often causes us to take responsibility for fulfilling everyone else’s needs. When we are anticipating needs (i.e. giving to people what they need without them ever asking), we are blurring the energetic boundaries between us and that person. Unconsciously, we’re giving the other person’s energy permission to leak into our field. Then, our energy system/chakras are left to process that person’s energy. Unfortunately, we often get energetically overloaded because our energy system can’t handle all the energy we’re trying to process at one time. As a result, this energy gets stored on our body in the form of fat until we have time to release or process it. Usually, that time never comes unless we consciously release the subconscious pattern of taking responsibility for other people’s energy.

Reason #3 – They are unconsciously trying to protect themselves. Since empaths tend to have very permeable/open energy fields, many of us unconsciously put on weight to protect ourselves. The excess weight feels like a cushion of protection and serves as a barrier to outside energies. This extra layer of protection won’t go away until we learn how to create healthy boundaries with others and not take responsibility for making other people’s lives work. Once we learn these lessons, we’ll no longer need the extra layer of weight to protect ourselves and it will release on its own.

I hope these three reasons gave you insight on why you may be struggling with your weight, despite your healthy diet and exercise plan. Remember that the physical is just one aspect of losing weight. If you don’t address the emotional, mental, and spiritual causes for weight gain, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off in the long-term.

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