3 Tips To Make It More Likely You’ll Achieve Your Goals

In my six years of coaching and my lifetime of being a self-help junkie, I have read so many tips on how to accomplish goals. Here are three tips that I have found to be some of the most useful:

Tip #1: Use a habit tracker I have found tracking my habits each and every day is really motivating and builds a lot of momentum. You can do this on an app for your phone or on physical paper. I personally like to do it on a piece of paper and hang it where I can see it around my desk. It reminds me of what I’m working towards and the progress I have made. You can download and print the Vitality habit tracker here!

Tip #2: Get an accountability buddy – Having an accountability buddy to check in with makes achieving your goals much more likely. This can be someone you check in with daily or monthly. For example, I have an accountability buddy that I check in with every week for my business (Melanie over at The Sacred Womb). When we first started meeting two years ago, we would check in via email almost every single day. We update each other on our progress and make sure that we’re both staying true to our original vision and our goals. We also call each other out when we think that we’re not being honest with ourselves. Having an accountability buddy is so valuable, which is also why Vitality’s membership program is going to pair each of the participants up with their own buddy.

Tip #3: Find or create a community of like-minded people – There is an energy that is created when people collectively come together to accomplish a common goal. The group holds space for one another and speeds up the manifestation process. It’s pretty amazing. Not only that, it has it’s practical reasons too. When you are in a community of women, you are able to capitalize on the experience of those that are a little bit farther along in their process than you. This shaves off your learning curve and empowers you to accomplish your goals more quickly. You are also able to teach the people who are a little bit behind you (which helps create mastery in that area). Creating a community to support others in accomplishing their goals is one of my greatest passions, which is why I am creating the Vitality membership program. Regardless if you choose to create your own community or join one that is already established, you will find the benefits of being in a community while you are trying to reach your goals to be many!

Now over to you…what are some tips that you have around accomplishing your goals? What has worked best for you? I would love to hear in the comments below 🙂

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