3 Tips To Start Manifesting Your Desires Using Affirmations

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard of affirmations…I rolled my eyes. It sounded way too pie-in-the-sky to speak things into existence! That’s because creating successful affirmations is more effective if you start smaller in the beginning so you can build your belief. When you know how to use them, they actually work! Here are three tips you can use to start manifesting your desires utilizing affirmations:

Tip #1: Start with something believable – When you are first starting out, it’s important to start with affirmations that are believable to you. For instance, “I always find parking in the front” or “My income increases by 10% every single month”. When these small things start happening, you build your belief in affirmations even more. I remember I started my affirmation journey choosing affirmations that deep down I didn’t believe were possible for me. Because of that, I subconsciously wasn’t saying them with all of my energy. This makes them much less effective!

For example, if you currently create $1000 a month, it’s probably hard for you to subconsciously believe that you could make $10,000 a month. Instead, start with 10% more. This is something your mind can wrap your mind around much more easily. Once you’ve gained confidence in your affirmation process, you can up the ante.

Tip #2: Activate your energy as you say them – Our feelings/energy are the main reasons things manifest into our experience, not necessarily the words. For this reason, it’s important to get into the feeling space of your affirmation. How would you feel receiving what you’re asking for? If you don’t know, imagine how it would make you feel. What soul qualities would it activate for you? The more you feel into the energy of accomplishing the affirmation, the more effective it will be.

Tip #3: Ask questions to open you up to infinite possibilities – This is one of my favorite tips because it can feel so much more expansive than saying a direct affirmations. Instead of making a statement, you can ask a question for The Universe to answer. Some questions may be “how can I open up to receive $1000 more this month?” or “where is my perfect home in Ocean Beach, California?”. By asking questions, you are allowing The Universe to answer for you. This is a great idea, because The Universe has many more ways for blessings to come to us than we could possibly think up in our tiny little heads. In my experience, it also feels good to release control and allow The Universe to work its magic! Pretty great, right?

I hope you enjoyed these three tips on how to start using affirmations to manifest your desires. Now, over to you…do you use affirmations? Do they work for you? If so, what additional tips do you have for our readers? Please leave your insights in the comments below 🙂

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