3 Reasons People Forget To Help You

Many of the women who are attracted to Vitality spend a lot of their time and energy helping others. Much of their happiness comes from being able to give people what they need. Unfortunately, I often hear from my clients that they’re always there to help everyone…and no one is ever there for them. This can lead to feeling drained and unappreciated, which never feels good. I have really struggled with feeling like I was taken for granted by the people I helped, so I love assisting people with this. Here are three reasons people forget to help you:

Reason #1: They don’t realize you need help – Many of the women who are attracted to Vitality are highly intuitive (although they often don’t realize it). Because of this high level of intuition, they can easily anticipate the needs of others. Many times, people don’t even need to ask us for what they need…we can just read their mind and give it to them! While this sounds pretty helpful, it can lead to lots of problems. I can remember thinking that everyone could anticipate the needs of others, and people were just ignoring mine! Because I would give people what they needed without them asking to show I cared about them, it made me feel like they didn’t care about me. I felt like they should just step up and give me what I need without me asking for it (because that’s what I did). I didn’t realize until a few years ago that most people don’t have the ability to intuitively sense other people’s needs (I’ve read an estimate that only about 10% of the population are able to intuitively¬†read other people’s needs).

Reason #2: Over-givers are an energetic match for over-takers – Have you ever noticed that there’s certain people in your life that the more you give to them, the more they take you for granted? This is because over-givers (people who give too much) are an energetic match for over-takers (people who take too much). When you are over-giving to people who don’t appreciate you, you become an energetic match to people who will take until you say “no”. This is The Universe’s perfect way of teaching you boundaries! This pattern won’t stop until you choose to start only giving to people who appreciate and value your time and energy. If you are finding that you are constantly attracting people who only want to take from you, take it as a sign that it’s time to assess your boundaries. When you start honoring your inner voice and only giving when it feels good, you’ll start to attract people who value and respect your energy. As an added bonus, this practice also aligns you with your soul/higher self, which gives you more energy!

Reason #3: You reject the help – So many of the women I work with are so used to giving, they automatically reject help when it is offered. For instance, if someone offers to help you carry your groceries, you may notice you usually say “no” because you don’t want to bother anyone. Most of my Vitality ladies don’t even realize how much help in their life they are rejecting because it feels so uncomfortable to receive it! Next time someone offers to help you and deep down you want to accept the help, I challenge you to take it! Often times because we offer help to others to “be nice” (even when we don’t really want to), we think everyone does. This isn’t the case! Look at it this way…if you reject someone’s help, you’re robbing them of the good feelings they will get when they help you. As you’ve experienced, helping others can make you feel really useful and needed…which is a gift in itself! Don’t rob people of having that experience just because you are uncomfortable with receiving help. Stretch into it!

I hope these three reasons helped you understand why people can sometimes forget to help you. Now, over to you…do you feel like other people forget to help you? Why do you think that is? How can you open to receive more help today?

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