3 Reasons Your Desires Aren’t Manifesting

Do you ever watch movies or read books like “The Secret” and wonder what you’re missing? Do you feel in your bones that manifesting is real but get frustrated because it doesn’t work for you? You and me both! I feel like some manifesting representations dumb down the process of creating what you want in your life. This can lead to frustration and feeling like something is wrong with you when your goals don’t manifest, which is definitely something I can relate to. Here’s three reasons why your desires may not be coming to fruition:

Reason #1: You are trying to box yourself into someone else’s definition of success – This happens all the time! Let’s say you are raised by parents who value money and tradition above all things, but you’re more of an entrepreneurial free spirit. You could be programmed to think that you want to work your way up the certainty of the corporate ladder, when deep down your soul wants to be help people and own its own business. If your soul wants something and it’s for your highest good, many times you’ll be blocked from manifesting your personality’s desires. In this case, you could be applying to jobs like crazy and affirming all day that you have the perfect job, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to show up. This isn’t because your manifesting skills don’t work, it’s because your soul has something better planned for you. Start shifting this by getting centered and asking yourself what you really what. The more in alignment you are with that, the more quickly your goals will manifest. We’ll be covering this in depth during my next class on How To Manifest The Goals Of Your Soul + Define Success On Your Terms.

Reason #2: You are out of alignment – When we have other people’s definitions of success programmed within us, it can take us out of alignment of our soul’s goals. This can lead to our energy becoming depleted and our vibration being lowered. We all know what it feels like to be drained and exhausted, and it’s very hard to create what we want in our lives from this place. In order to be a manifesting maven, you have to be in alignment with your soul’s true essence (qualities like peace, love, etc.). Start by eliminating anything from your life that takes you away from those qualities and saying “no” to any potential activities that may drain you of your energy.

Reason #3: You don’t feel enough of an emotional charge around your goal – Often times when we’ve tried really hard to create what we want in our life with no luck, we can become a bit jaded. We subconsciously don’t want to invest emotional energy/hope into our goals because we don’t want to be let down yet again. It can be really painful to invest a lot of energy into wanting/creating something just to be let down. The problem with disconnecting emotionally from your desires is that you water down your manifesting ability. It’s important to be able to get excited about your goal, as this will help magnetize it to you. If you aren’t feeling excited about your goal, it’s time to do the inner work required to figure out why. We’ll be covering how to do this in my class.

I hope these three reasons your desires may not be manifesting have got you thinking. If you’d like to dive into this topic deeper, I’ll be teaching a class on it September 1 at 5 PM Pacific/7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern. I’d love to have you! You can sign up here!

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