25 Things I’ve Learned While Losing 25+ Pounds (Again)

1. What your body needs changes at different points in your life (i.e. diet, exercise, etc.). So if what worked at another point in your life isn’t working now…your body may need something else.

2. Losing/gaining weight is about so much more than calories in vs. calories out.

3. Never underestimate the effects long-term stress can have on the body…weight gain being a huge one of those effects.

4. Sometimes no doctor is going to be able to tell you why your health is out of whack (including your weight)…that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason.

5. As an empath, sometimes you’ll put on excess weight to cushion/protect yourself from outside energies that you are sensitive to.

6. Excess weight on the body is just excess stored energy…what type of energy are you storing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.)?

7. Sometimes it takes a few months to see results health wise-don’t get discouraged by this. Your body may be repairing itself and returning to optimal health before you see results (adrenal fatigue).

8. Your weight loss program must be sustainable and maintainable…if it stresses you out to keep up with it…ditch it!

9. Be honest about your priorities and own them. If now is not the season you can put energy into losing weight…quit beating yourself up over it and own that. If that makes you uncomfortable…it’s time to get honest about your priorities.

10. Your body is constantly sending you messages…and if you ignore them, she’ll find a way to get your attention (weight gain being one of the easiest). Listen to the whispers before they become shouts.

11. Don’t take responsibility for other people’s stuff. It’s not yours to carry.

12. Your body goes through seasons…the more you can love and embrace each season, the faster the ones where you put on weight will pass.

13. Sugar (in any amount) is no bueno when you are struggling with adrenal fatigue. Alcohol can throw off your healing big time…even if you just have a drink every now and again. Doing without things that obviously have sugar in them (sugars, cakes, etc.) is one of the easiest ways to reduce cravings over time.

14. A worn down energy field/aura can cause weight gain.

15. Love and accept your body, no matter what it looks like.

16. A + B doesn’t always equal C…but there’s always a reason for why everything happens.

17. You are not a failure for gaining back weight…you’re just getting better at understanding what you do.

18. Weight loss can be one of the greatest ways to discover yourself. It’s also one of the greatest spiritual paths.

19. You are not your body…but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of her.

20. Your body is forgiving…so don’t beat yourself up over mistreating her in the past.

21. Caffeine isn’t a great substitute for creating lasting energy. And your body isn’t the greatest fan of it (they say up to 50% of people don’t oxidize caffeine properly).

22. Weight gain can be a visibility issue…what is so scary about being seen?

23. Let go of what you don’t love doing for work…even if others want you to do it. Work that takes a piece your soul can weigh heavy on you like you can’t believe.

24. Don’t treat the symptom (i.e. weight gain), treat the cause.

25. Struggling with something like your body creates a lot of compassion. Just because things seem like they should be “easy to do” to some people doesn’t mean they are for others. Struggling with something a lot humbles you to that fact and makes you more likely to be compassionate.

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